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OFFICIAL ONLINE ATV SAFETY EDUCATION COURSES is the provider of online ATV safety education across North America. Our online ATV Safety Course helps students meet mandatory education requirements in their local area. Our online ATV Safety Course is interactive, with visual exam questions and professional narration. This safety course will teach you all about riding your ATV safely and responsibly, and will allow you to obtain your ATV Safety Certificate so that you can go riding on public lands! will guide you through the exam study and preparation process with easy-to-understand explanations and instructions, including colourful illustrations and visual exam questions. We will help you prepare for your ATV exam so that you can be safe and prepared the next time you embark on an ATV excursion.'s courses have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by numerous experts, including professionals from different state agencies responsible for ATV Safety Education. Our ATV Safety Course is customized to meet all the state/province requirements.

Since ATV certificate laws and requirements vary from state to state, each course is custom tailored to meet state-specific education requirements. Registration is free and simple, so get started and on your way to becoming a safe and smart ATV rider!
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By signing up to to get your ATV certificate, you get access to our comprehensive and easy-to-understand study guide, complete with illustrations, audio, and visual exam questions. offers the most convenient way to get your Canadian ATV certificate. You can study and take your ATV exam completely online.
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