Questions about the ATV Course

Q. What is the online ATV safety course?

A. The Online ATV Safety Course is a convenient way to gain ATV safety certification in your state. This is the OFFICIAL course for many states that have mandatory ATV and OHV education requirements, and completing the certification exam will allow you to get your state's ATV Safety Certificate or ATV license.

Q. How does the online course work?

A. The course process itself depends on the state, however in general, the online study guide consists of 6 chapters - each with a 10 question chapter quiz, and a 60-question ATV certification final exam. Once you have passed the final exam, you will obtain your ATV safety certificate.

Q. What is the fee for the online ATV course?

A. Again, fees may vary slightly depending on which state course you take. However our standard fee is $29.95, paid after you have completed Chapter 1. Registration for the course is always FREE, and you get to try out the course before deciding whether you want to make payment and get your OHV or ATV Safety Certificate. Best of all, the online ATV Safety Course holds a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're unhappy with any aspect of the course, contact our friendly customer service center, 7 days a week!

Q. I've heard I might need a ATV license to ride in my state. Where can I verify this information?

A. The best way to find out whether you need an ATV License is to contact the state agency that governs ATV Safety legislation in your state. does provide certain state's ATV safety education legislation that is correct to the best of our knowledge.

Q. What is the advantage of taking the online ATV safety course?

A. With the online ATV safety course you can get certified from the comfort of home without having to wait and attend a 'hands-on' ATV training class. The online course delivers a well-rounded learning experience, with hours of narrated course content, hundreds of detailed illustrations (in the study guide AND exam questions) and over 30 interactive exercises that cover all aspects of riding safety.

Q. Once I've completed the online ATV course, do I need to take formal hands-on ATV Safety Training?

A. Currently this depends on your home state. In most of our courses, you simply need to pass the online ATV safety exam to get your ATV license or Safety Education Certificate. However there are some exceptions. In Oregon, for instance, students under the age of 18 will need to complete hands-on ATV training within 2 years of having completed the Internet course.

Q. Are there any tips and tricks to help me pass the online ATV safety certification exam?

A. Yes! We offer you all the resources to pass your exam with flying colors, including many tips and tricks on best practices for studying and taking the test. Check out the Sample ATV Safety Study Guide and the Sample ATV Certification Exam pages to find out more!

Q. What are the technical requirements to take the online ATV course and certification exam?

  Minimum Recommended
Browser Internet Explorer 9.0
Firefox 2.0
Chrome 3.0
Safari 2.0
Opera 9.0
Latest versions of Chrome,
Firefox, or Internet Explorer
Operating System Windows XP or
Mac OS 9
Windows 7 or
Mac OS X
Screen Resolution 1024x768
Internet Connection dial-up high-speed