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13 Surprising Uses For ATVs

June 13, 2011

Once you've passed your ATV safety course, there are a world of uses and functions for your ATV that you may not have thought of. From mowing the lawn to removing snow to loading logs we've created a list of 13 unique uses for ATVs you'll be surprised to discover.

1. Snow Plowing

Why break your back shoveling when you can get rid of all that snow in your driveway with a heavy duty ATV snow plow.

2. Killing Weeds

Say goodbye to those nasty weeds infesting your lawn with a homemade weed killer latched on to your 4x4.

3. Camping

Carry up to 800 pounds of camping gear and supplies with an ATV trailer. You can haul all the supplies you’ll need on your next ATV camping trip.

4. Winching

Arguably one of the most useful accessories to have on your quad is an ATV winch. This powerful tool can help you pull, haul and drag heavy equipment, and it's the ultimate recovery solution in case one of your ATV buddies gets stuck in deep mud while you’re riding.

5. Hunting

ATVs are becoming increasingly popular for hunting as they make transporting equipment and game both easy and efficient. However, many in the hunting community regard ATV-use as unjust as it disregards the principles of "fair chase" (hunting prey on foot). In fact, it is illegal to hunt from your ATV in many states. This includes chasing game down with the ATV, shooting game from the vehicle and dragging it out of the bush with the vehicle, and is only appropriate for certain people with disabilities.

Rules to remember when hunting with an ATV:

  • Be legal and safe.
  • Don’t shoot from an ATV. Instead, use ATVs to access hunting areas or, where permitted, pack out your kill.
  • Never chase wildlife with your ATV. It’s illegal and irresponsible.

6. Field Plowing

Great for gardens, food plots and more, farmers can use this tough and rugged pull behind rake and tiller for tough field plowing jobs.

7. Lawn/Field Mowing

Landowners can find all sorts of interesting uses for their ATVs. In fact, ATVs have been replacing some of your more common lawn care equipment such as riding mowers and tractors.

8. Seed/Salt/Rock Spreading

With a spreader hooked on to your quad, you can disperse your seeds, salt or rocks evenly and reduce waste.

9. Lawn Raking

With no fuel needed, this lawn raker has wheels that power themselves when they make contact with the ground, needing only your ATV to pull the rake over the area you want cleared.

10. Transporting Materials

Perfect for hauling wood, dirt, sand, concrete blocks, or just about anything you can imagine, a tough little trailer for the 4 wheeler can carry heavy loads without tipping.

11. Mounting

With a universal mounting system, you can attach just about anything from lifting forks to sweepers.

12. Loading Logs

Forestry workers will find the electric log loader an ingenious device for loading and transporting logs.

13. Hosing Your Garden

Don’t break your back holding that heavy garden hose ...err...More of a wheel barrel than an ATV, but its 4 wheels and utter bizarness give it a spot on this list.

Any uses for ATVs that didn't make it on this list? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!