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July 1, 2011

How to design, construct, maintain, operate and manage off-highway vehicle parks

Is it possible that there’s a How-To book for starting and running an off-highway vehicle park?! Yep, and it’s available right now from the folks at the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC).

Over six years in the writing, Park Guidelines for Off-Highway Vehicles, is the first book ever specifically written about the design, construction, maintenance, operation, and management of off-highway vehicle parks. The Guidelines author, George E. Fogg, Fellow, American Society Landscape Architects, is the principal author of seven other park books and has forty years of experience in the planning, design, development, maintenance, and operation of parks.

Development of the 200-page, illustrated book was made possible by generous support from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, Motorcycle Industry Council, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., American Motorcyclist Association, and California State Parks. As defined in the Guidelines an OHV park is a place for family and community-based leisure activity programs, education, green space, and environmentally enhancing activities with a focus on off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation opportunity.

The purpose of the Guidelines is to:

  • Answer common questions that arise when development of an off-highway vehicle (OHV) park is desired or proposed.
  • Provide information to the OHV public on community planning and coalition building necessary to promote local OHV park planning efforts and to develop local public support for an OHV park.
  • Provide information and resources to the OHV public, youth group leaders and governmental agencies that encourage and assist them in the development of youth activities, safety training, and environmental programs at OHV parks.
  • Provide information that assist governmental agencies and the private sector in planning, designing, funding, operating and maintaining new OHV parks and upgraded existing parks to meet the needs and desires of the OHV recreation community while addressing environmental and general public concerns; and
  • Offer ideas and resources and suggestions to managing governmental agencies and private owners of OHV parks that will enhance ongoing activities and encourage development of additional park programs.

The cost for the book is $45 plus $7 shipping and handling. To order a copy, call 800-348-6487 (NOHVCC accepts major credit cards) or log on to Orders are processed in 2-3 business and are shipped either UPS ground or via priority mail.