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June 1, 2011

The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council wants to give you a hand

By Steve Casper and NOHVCC

Admittedly, the name National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council is a mouthful to say as well as a bit confusing. But in reality, the group’s purpose and mission is quite simple and straightforward. The folks at the NOHVCC are basically professional consultants for off-highway vehicle activists and land managers. And being professional doesn’t mean their services cost a bundle. In fact, many of their services are free for the asking.

A Great Bargain

"We’re one of the best bargains in the business," says NOHVCC Executive Director Russ Ehnes. "Our main purpose in life is to help off-roaders keep their ride areas open by giving them the tools to organize, gather funds, work with local politicians, land owners, and land managers, and any other way we can think of to keep the sport happy and healthy. Rider education, even at the youngest levels, is also a very important part of our mission since we know from experience that responsible riders are the best ammo we have for keeping ride areas open."

And the key word here is experience. The very reason the NOHVCC was started in the first place was to gather the nation’s most influential off-road movers and shakers and pick their brains for what works and what doesn’t in our never-ending battles to keep ride areas open,as well as starting new ones.

Representatives from Accross the Country

"Every year we gather in one place to meet with all the NOHVCC state representatives as well as many other important OHV organizers and land managers to have a big Pow Wow where we share and record information," explains Russ. "This info eventually becomes the basis for the ‘tools’ we utilize in our literature and consulting services. It’s constantly being updated at our head office where it’s cataloged into our off-highway vehicle library (which is available on the web). If you’ve got a question on any OHV issue, the NOHVCC can usually find you an answer."

To do that, it’s as easy as calling the NOHVCC (800) number or sending a quick e-mail. “It’s our job to help people, and the more folks who contact us, the happier we are,” says NOHVCC’s Heidi Annau. Even simple requests such as “Where in my state can I ride my ATV or dirt bike?” will get a response. “Our motto here at the head office is, ‘We may not necessarily know all the answers, but we do know how to get you in contact with the person who does,’” reports Heidi.

How NOHVCC can help you

Following is a partial list of the many materials and services offered by NOHVCC.

  • Club Kit (how to start a club)
  • OHV Park Manual (a resource guide to assist in the development, enhancement and operation of OHV recreation and facilities)
  • Management Guidelines for OHV Recreation (a resource guide to assist in the planning, development, operation, and maintenance of environmentally sustainable and quality OHV trails, trail systems and areas)
  • Adventure Trail educational posters, CD-ROMs, and activity books (safety and ethics of riding)
  • Access to a national network of OHV activists, clubs, associations, organizations and agencies
  • Information on getting federal gas tax monies for your trail project
  • A wide array of youth programs and materials for your club or organization
  • Direct contact with experts to address specific issues
  • Workshops and speakers for OHV organization development and recreation management
  • Public awareness and image enhancement materials
  • Information regarding risk management, event insurance, economic impact studies, environmental studies, and the political process as it relates to OHV issues
  • Information on ATV and dirt bike riding schools
  • Detailed literature on trail management issues and techniques
  • Volunteer development programs

To find more detailed information on these "tools" and the many more that NOHVCC has to offer, check out their extensive website at Many of these materials are currently available in a downloadable PDF format, allowing users instant and free access to the most popular NOHVCC tools.

Success Stories

There have been literally hundreds of NOHVCC success stories over the years with many new ride areas opening and state associations forming. Their intensive organizational and management workshops that are held at various locations throughout the country dispense important information to OHV activists and federal and state land managers. In addition to riding opportunities, the education of youth riders is high on the NOHVCC priority list.

Mini Adventure Trail Now Available

Their popular "Adventure Trail", an interactive tour through the NOHVCC trailer with a quiz at the end, is a big hit with the kids whenever the truck shows up at an event. A mini Adventure Trail, consisting of 11 colorful and fun posters, is now available to organizations, land managers and dealerships.

The NOHVCC is a non-profit organization that doesn’t solicit memberships or money from the grassroots weekend riders. The best way to help with the organization’s mission is to be active at the club level in promoting safe and environmentally-friendly riding practices within your group, as well a working to enhance local riding opportunities.