Q. What is the Certificate of Completion?

A. The Certificate of Completion is proof that you have successfully completed the online portion of the ATV Safety Course one step towards obtaining your Idaho OHV Safety Certificate.

Q. What is the advantage of taking the online ATV Safety Course?

A. With the online ATV Safety Course, you will learn all about ATV Safety from the comfort of your own home! Study the narrated, interactive online course, and then take the ATV safety final exam to complete the online portion of the certification process. Best of all, registration is free and you only pay if you want to obtain a Certificate of Completion to attend a Skills Day.

Q. How many images and animations are in the ATV Safety Course?

A. The online study guide contains approximately 200 detailed illustrations, and over 30 interactive exercises that cover every aspect of ATV Safety, from the parts of an ATV to safety gear to basic outdoor survival techniques.

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Q. How exactly do I complete the online ATV course to get my OHV Safety Certificate?

A. You can obtain your Idaho OHV Safety Certificate in 4 easy steps:

  1. Study the Online ATV Safety Course
  2. Successfully pass each chapter quiz and the ATV Safety Final Exam
  3. Print your Certificate of Completion and book a Skills Day
  4. Successfully complete a Skills Day - Obtain your OHV Safety Certificate!

Q. What is the passing grade for the course?

A. You must achieve a grade of 80% (8/10) or higher to pass each chapter quiz. Then you must also achieve a grade of 80% (48/60) or higher to pass the final exam.

Q. What happens if I fail a chapter quiz or the final ATV Safety Exam?

A. No problem! You're here to learn! Simply review your answers and try the quiz again. There are no penalties if you fail, and you can retry at any time. Note, however, that quizzes and final exams are generated at random.When you retry the quiz/exam, you will never see the same questions again.

Q. How much does the online ATV Safety Course Cost?

A. The one-time course fee is $34.95. The fee includes unlimited attempts at the final exam, as well as the printing of your Certificate of Completion.

Q. Can I take the ATV Safety Course any time? Day or Night?

A. Absolutely! You can take the ATV Safety Course AND ATV Safety Final Exam at any time of the day!

Q. Once I'm done with this online course, do I need to take hands-on ATV Training?

A. Yes. In addition to completing the online portion of the ATV Safety Course, there is a required hands-on riding course or Skills Day. Upon successful completion of both the online and hands-on portions of the course, participants receive an OHV Safety Certificate.

Q. Is there a time limit to complete the online course?

A. You can take the online course at any time, day or night. However, courses must be completed within 90 days of payment at which time your access to the course will expire.